How to Treat Head Lice

One of the stressful moments in life is finding lice in your child’s hair. But don’t fret, as lice removal shampoos are already available in the market. How are you going to choose wisely the lice removal shampoos? That’s what you’re going to know in this article. Product Composition Always choose lice removal shampoos that work based on the mode of action that could cause suffocation and even dehydration of nits and lice. Only this mode of action could prevent getting resistance of the parasites to the product.

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Product Efficacy Always choose a product that is very effective even after using it once. Carefully read the directions enclosed in the manual instruction and outer pack. The information about repeating the treatment from 7-10 days only means the product is ineffective. Active Ingredient This is an important factor in choosing lice shampoo. Different ingredients could kill lice in various stages, like nits, nymphs, and adult lice. And if the shampoo will not target the eggs, you might have to do more than just one treatment. You must be keen on looking for the active ingredient to prevent having other treatments. Irritants When your kids have lice, their scalps must be irritated already. Make sure to buy lice removal shampoos without alcohol or fragrance, as it may cause further irritation. Choose a shampoo that is organic and odor free. .