The Average Day for a Plumber

If you're thinking about being a plumber, you should keep reading. The Youtube video "A Day In The Life Of A Service Plumber (#1)" shows what a work day looks like for a plumber and explains the realities of picking this industry as a career. Let's find out more!

Being a plumber consists of installing, maintaining, and repairing fixtures and pipes for homes and businesses alike. In the video, the host explained that they were going to install a new toilet for a customer because their old one broke.

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Instead of repairing it, they decided to buy a new model, but that means they had to hire a proper plumber. Therefore, your day as a plumber might consist of removing an old fixture and setting up a new one.

It can be exhausting, and you need the proper knowledge and some strength to complete the job. However, that might just be the first call of the day. In the video, the host finished installing the toilet and drove to another customer's house to install two new faucets for them. Therefore, being a plumber requires time, skill, and patience.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about being a plumber.