Tips for DIY AC Repair

Most of the time, it's best to hire an AC repair service to maintain your system. However, it's always helpful to know the basics. The Youtube video "Air Conditioner Maintenance: 8 Tips You Can Do Yourself" has the best advice on the simple fixes you can do yourself.

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One of the main issues with AC is when the coils on the outside unit get blocked by debris or leaves. Air flows into the system and comes out at the top, but when the coils are clogged, it forces the device to work twice as hard until it breaks down. Therefore, you need to remove the blockage. First, you should turn off the power source, clear all the debris outside the unit, and cut down any bushes or shrubs near it. Afterward, you can rinse the coils with your garden hose. Let the water flow until the water runs clear.

Another great tip is to check if the unit is leveled. You should also take a look at the electrical connections. If you notice something wrong with those, you might want to hire an AC repair technician.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about AC repair.