How a Basement Waterproofing Service Stops Leaks

It's important to waterproof certain areas of your house to prevent damages and costly repairs. The Youtube video "How to Stop a Leaky Stone Foundation - Basement Waterproofing" shows how a basement waterproofing service works and why you should also hire them for your home. Let's find out more!

The project in the video consisted of waterproofing an old stone foundation for the basement. The homeowners had already tried to stop water from coming into the basement before, but they finally hired a basement waterproofing service to do things properly.

Video Source

The stone foundation shown is actually in good shape and will last for many years. However, since it's set up unevenly, water can leak through, which is why waterproofing is the best option. The owners tried to put foam to absorb moisture and prevent leaks. But it didn't work that well.

The solution is a step-out system where the technician places the trench a few centimeters away from the stone walls and uses the gray drainage board at the bottom of the foundation. Then, they add some soil to create a footing and move the terrain in.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about hiring a basement waterproofing service.