How a Roofer Installs Shingles

If you're thinking about being a roofer, you should keep reading. The Youtube video "How to Install Roof Shingles" shows what you need to understand about installing asphalt shingles and also details about training classes for beginners. Let's find out more.

The video shows how a class installs a roof, and the first step is to set up the drip edge, which should begin by the eve and go up the roof. You'll make a simple cut on a section to push it down when it reaches the top, so you can continue installing it seamlessly.

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Next, you're going to install the felt, which should cover the drip edge. You'll be putting staples every eight to sixteen inches, meaning high wind needs eight inches while lower wind should have sixteen inches.

Afterward, you'll install the starter strip which should go around the perimeter edge of the roof, but it goes an eighth of an inch further than the drip edge. The shingles will be placed another eighth of an inch further to create more overlap. Shingle manufacturers need starter strips to be set up on the rakes to prevent wind damage.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about being a roofer.