Is the Best Beer Home Brewed?

Some people start home brewing because it's some of the best beer they have ever tasted, but can you actually do it using ingredients found easily at grocery stores? This Youtube video has all the answers you need so you can begin your home brewing experience on the right foot. Let's find out more!

The fact is that grocery stores don't sell malted grains or hops as a home brewing store does, but they sell a ton of things you could actually use to make the best beer ever, and you might be surprised by the results. This Youtube video shows a challenge where a home brewer decided to make the best ale possible only using ingredients purchased at a local market.

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The issue is that malted barley is not available at grocery stores, and it's a key part of making any ale. Sometimes, you might be able to find unmalted barley and can do it yourself, but that's a lengthy process. Therefore, you have to be creative for the main fermentable. The other problem is the lack of hops, which can be replaced with herbs and more to add bitterness and particular flavors.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about making the best beer.