RV Parts to Have as Backups

If you enjoy driving in your new RV, you should remember that you'll need spares in the case of an emergency. Let's say you are in your RV late at night, and a sudden malfunction happens. It's best to have spares nearby than to call someone to help you. Here we'll teach you the mandatory spare parts you should always have in your RV.

The following RV parts will help you overcome any obstacle on the road and make your life easier. A water pressure regulator is a must in an RV, as it helps keep your RV appliances functioning as they should and keep the water pressure at the right level.

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A sewer hose is also a must-have, as you'll need a safe and functional way to dispose of your RV waste without causing an accident. A spare water hose is also something you'll need to clean your RV or drink clean water from your reserves.

Don't forget to always keep your RV with essential everyday items, such as toilet paper and canned food. It's better to have all these spares and not use them than need them and not have them.