A Guide to Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Fire or water accidents can be very devastating and losing property and valuables is frustrating. The attached video goes through a fire and water damage restoration process. One of the first steps in fire and water damage restoration is to assess the damage caused.

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The restoration team inspects the property, assesses the damage, and sorts out what can be salvaged. The crew then must remove the water to stop further damage and the growth of mold. An electronics team is necessary to remove the electrical appliances safely and see what can be salvaged. The first 72 hours are crucial, so a good network of specialized teams is essential. Items that cannot be salvaged are removed during demolition. Blueprints are helpful when it comes to finding the measurements of each room. This saves time, otherwise, each room will need to be measured again for cost-estimation purposes. Some areas may need to be demolished, depending on the extent of the damage. Cleaning must be done before the sub-contractors are hired to start on reconstruction. Hiring a good fire and water damage restoration team is crucial to saving your valuables and starting the restoration process. .