AC Contractor Secrets

Hiring an AC contractor is always the best decision if you're having serious problems with your system. However, you should know a few secrets about HVAC that your contractor doesn't want you to know, and this Youtube video has all the details so you won't get tricked. Let's find out more!

You should know that some AC companies will adjust their prices based on how busy they are, similar to how car salesmen would lower their prices at the end of the month to reach a certain quota. It seems an AC contractor might lower their costs if they haven't been that active.

Video Source

The AC contractor in the Youtube video explained that while they maintain the same fair price throughout the year, their competitor's prices seem to fluctuate constantly. Sometimes, they charge more, and sometimes, they charge almost nothing.

Another secret is that some AC contractors would go into homes and check if the thermostat was hardwired, meaning it doesn't have batteries. If so, they would add batteries. This is a shady practice because it means that the homeowners would have to call them back later when the thermostat stops working.

You can watch the rest of the video for more information about hiring an AC contractor.