Rental Tips for Local Porta Potties

Renting local porta potties is the perfect solution for supplying sanitary and helpful restroom options for outdoor events. Before you make your next rental, it is important to consider a few key factors.

It is helpful to know that most people use the restroom every 3-5 hours. Since outdoor events provide a bevy of food and drinks for guests, this figure will play a critical role in the number of guests attending and the number of porta potties you decide to rent.

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The placement of the porta potties is also an important consideration to make. Different units occupy different measurements, so be sure to map out the space of your event to account for the porta potties' various sizes. With an outdoor event comes a large amount of people needing to use the restroom. It is imperative for guests and their safety that their time in a porta potty is without fear of being interrupted or harmed in any way. Outdoor spaces requiring porta potties are prone to strong winds, so be sure to place your restrooms against walls and go the extra mile of having each porta potty unit staked into the ground.