Tips for Boat Charter Fishing

New to boat charter fishing? We have some tips that will clear up some questions and challenges that may pop up in your first foray into this fishing activity!

One of the first considerations to make when boat charter fishing is where you should sit. The rear of the boat is steady and stable, allowing your experience to be pleasant and free from motion sickness. This area of the boat will also have more access to fish, as the captain will anchor where they deem most suitable according to the density of fish found on fish finders.

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Listening attentively and following instruction will garner you greater success when it comes to reeling in some fish. The captain and deckhands of the boat will guide you in regard to how deep or how high you should sink your line. The location and depth of your line will determine your catching success.

The location of your line won't matter as much if your bait isn't up to snuff. Regularly checking the bait at the end of your line can save you a lot of time if you find yourself just sitting and waiting for bites. Even a couple of fish bites will strip your bait, so be sure to check it periodically if you come upon unsuccessful catches.

Where you direct your attention and how closely you follow directions from the crew will greatly influence your enjoyment and success of boat charter fishing. Pick your spots, monitor your bait, and enjoy the ride!