How to Determine the Amount of Veneer Stone You Will Need

Measuring the amount of veneer stone needed to cover a flat area is quite difficult. The stones are typically uneven in shape, but with a little effort, the math will lead you to the perfect amount of stone needed to create your perfect veneer stone surface.

To begin, take the height and width of the area you want to cover and multiply them together. Once that is complete, divide your answer by the total area of the surface you want to cover in stone.

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Make sure that you subtract the area of any doors or windows that fall into this space. This will give you a number we will call "Total number of Flats".

For this next bit, you need to understand that 1 linear foot covers .6 square feet of flat area. Now, take the linear feet of the outside corners of the space you are looking to work with, and divide it by the number of corner pieces needed. This will give you the "Total number of Corners."

Finally, take 66% of the "Total number of Corners" and subtract that from the total number of flats needed to provide the number of veneer stone pieces needed to any contractor you may hire! This will ensure the job is done properly, and you are satisfied with your service.