What to Know About Solar Panel Installation

If you want to use an alternative energy source and potentially save money, solar panel installation may be a great investment for your home. Here are some pieces of advice to keep in mind when learning about solar panels.

First, you need to confirm that your home or building is compatible with solar panel installation. The most important thing is that your roof is free of obstructions, and that the solar panels can be placed on the building without damaging the building or the solar panels themselves.

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The mounting hardware can potentially damage your roof it is not made to support solar panels, so confirm with an expert if it is a viable option for your building.

Next, ensure that the roof is facing the right direction. Ideally, the solar panels will be mounted on a south-facing roof, or mounted at an angle so they face the south on a flat roof. Solar panels absorb much more light and create more energy when you use this orientation.

If your building can accommodate these needs and the necessary wiring, you can definitely add solar panels to your home. For more tips on installing solar panels, watch the linked video.