Understanding Concrete and How to Apply

Understanding Concrete and How to Apply

As the video shows, you can apply concrete in a few straightforward steps. Concrete companies know how to get this done efficiently and professionally. However, understanding the steps and the work needed to complete the task will allow any homeowner to confidently accomplish their goals all on their own.

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Prep the area you're going to concrete by creating a flat, level surface and filling this with a subbase. This is usually done with a layer of gravel.

Surround the area with a perimeter of two-by-fours. This keeps the concrete from spreading beyond where it is needed. Then, add a layer of wire mesh or rebar to the surface that will be covered with concrete.

Mix the concrete, which is comprised of one part cement, two parts sand, and four parts gravel. You will add water to mix the material. Pour the concrete into the mold and spread it out with shovels and rakes to get even-level coverage. Concrete can now be sealed and finished.

Once you've worked with concrete and know how to prep, mix and pour it, you will always be able to work with concrete to complete building projects. Learning this skill can last a lifetime.