How to Find Good Local Restaurants

If you are traveling to a new town or city, you will not be familiar with the best local restaurants. There are many resources to find them, so here are some tips on the best ways to discover local restaurants.

The first way to find restaurants is with Google Maps. You can search for restaurants, filter them by price, and even search by zooming in on the map.

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This feature is especially helpful to find restaurants near your hotel.

Another option is to find local food blogs. These can be the best way to find restaurants that are not widely popular yet, but have incredible food. The blogs are often more curated, and will recommend restaurants with more unique takes on common types of cuisine.

Your hotel can also give recommendations. Since they host many guests and are based in your destination city, they have a lot of experience finding local restaurants and may even have partnerships with restaurants in the area.

If you befriend a local you can get even more custom recommendations. They may even know about brand-new restaurants that have not been featured on local blogs yet.

There are so many ways to find local restaurants. For more tips, watch the linked video.