What to Expect from an Asian Produce Market

Although shopping can be universal for people, each store or market often comes with different items that can hold a higher quality than those from other locations. At an Asian produce market, there are multiple things shoppers should keep their eyes on.

Fresh produce is one that, although a different variety than the typical grocery store, offers a variety of great items. Things such as Chinese celery, bok choy, and kohlrabi can enhance any meal being worked on.

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These items at other stores pale in comparison to their freshness in the Asian produce market.

Many offer a great variety of fresh, and in some cases live, seafood. King crab, unagi, and salmon are among the wide array of seafood options whose quality vastly outclasses that of the typical prepackaged or frozen options made available at other stores. Some even offer different in house-made meatballs, typically used in soups, with a wide assortment of seafood options.

The delis available in an Asian produce market offer many different types of meat, such as freshly roasted duck. They're a great option for expanding one's palate beyond the typical proteins they are used to consuming. For additional information, please reference the video above.