What to Know About Working With a Family Therapist

Whether you have gone to an individual therapist or this is your first time seeking any kind of therapy, you may feel nervous about seeing a family therapist. Here are some tips on what to expect and what to look for in a family therapist.

In your first session the therapist will meet with your entire family, so it is important that their personality is a good fit for the entire group. If your family is talkative and bubbly, a therapist with a similar attitude will probably have an easier time communicating with you.

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Once you all meet each other, the therapist will often talk to each family member individually, so it is important that you also get along with them in one-on-one sessions.

Your therapist should be a good listener, especially in the first session. Once they listen to everyone in the family, expect to end the session with a plan on how to proceed in future meetings. A great therapist shows empathy and helps family members communicate with each other, and can bring attention to things you never realized.

Finding the right family therapist can really help your family. For more tips watch the linked video.