How to Tell if Your Welding Work is High Quality

Welding is a difficult job, and just like any other job, welders come in varying levels of ability. When looking to find a quality welder, there are some easy tips and tricks to see if their welding is of high quality.

One tell-tale sign to judge the quality of the welding is to see how much smoke the welder has coming off of his blowtorch. The more smoke, the worse the quality of the welding will be.

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If the blowtorch has minimal smoke, it means the welder is doing a careful job and has a well-tuned blow torch with the correct voltage for the job.

Another tip is to see if the welding has to spatter over the metal being welded together. A well-trained welder will use anti-spatter to make the job cleaner and safer for everyone involved. It will also create a more polished final product, which is more likely to satisfy the client. A welder who uses anti-spatter is a welder who cares about his work's quality.

When searching for a quality welding piece, inspecting the welder's previous work is a great first step to finding the perfect company for the job.