Key Things to Know About Auto Detailing

Having a well-detailed car can make your driving experience much more enjoyable. A proper auto detailing service will address the obvious and less conspicuous areas in your car. In this article we will cover the essentials of auto detailing.

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First, the car should be decluttered. Any items you want to keep in the car, such as an ice scraper, should be stored elsewhere until the car is detailed. Unwanted items like trash should be thrown away.

Once the car is decluttered the detailing process can truly begin. Anything that can be cleaned outside the car should be removed. For example, you can easily remove rubber floor mats and clean them without getting the interior of the car wet.

While the car mats are drying you can dust and vacuum the interior. It is important to clean hard-to-reach areas like in between the seats. Once you finish dusting and vacuuming you can clean hard surfaces like the dashboard, which may require liquid cleaning products.

Cleaning the glass should be the very last step. The other steps in the process can easily make the glass dirty again, and the glass is a very visible part of the car.

These are just a few steps to getting a sparkling car interior. For more tips watch the linked video.