Tips on Designing Your Custom Engagement Ring

An engagement ring will be worn every day, so getting a custom engagement ring is a great way to wear exactly what you want. The look of the ring will be influenced by the stone, metal, and overall design. Here are a few details you should consider when designing your ring.

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To get inspiration, look at pictures of engagement rings. Save any photos you like and show them to the jeweler when you begin your search. If possible you should find examples that show the ring from different angles so you can see every detail in the ring.

Once you have gathered your inspiration, take note of the common details and motifs in the rings. The center stone is often the most noticeable feature. Think about the ideal color for your center stone as it will determine which stones can be used in your ring.

The shape of the center stone can also give the ring a distinct look. Once you have chosen a shape you can focus on the metal. Gold, platinum, and white gold are popular choices.

Once you have decided on these details you will have a great list of features to include in your ring. For more details see the linked video.