Things to Remember for House Painting

The house painting process contains multiple steps that encompass more than pure painting. We're going to go over a few important things to remember before you re-design your home's exterior.

There are some steps to take before rushing to your paintbrush and painting your house as you see fit. Cleaning the surface of your house is crucial to prepping it for the paint job of your dreams.

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Pressure washing will freshen up your home exterior, making way for further prepping processes like caulking and priming. Caulking seals the gaps, cracks, and various crevices of your house. This improves the home on a cosmetic level, but it also closes off bugs and other debris that could interfere with a fresh paint job.

Now, the most exciting part of the process: painting! Executing clean and proper home painting will require some important considerations. Using an airless sprayer, cardboard shield, and a dropbox are key tools to start off with when you begin painting the exterior of your home. Don't forget to paint with your start and stop points in mind. Logically deciding when and where to finish a specific part of your paint job is crucial so that you don't find yourself half-finishing the wall of your front door!

Becoming familiar with these steps to painting your house will guide you to a smooth, fun, and helpful re-design of your home.