What to Buy From a Local Generator Dealer

If you need a generator you may not be sure what size is appropriate for your needs. A local generator dealer can provide knowledge on which generator is appropriate for you. In this article we will cover some of the basics of different sizes of generators.

For any generator size propane is a great fuel source, as it has a long shelf life. If you are not using the generator frequently you do not want to use fuel that expires.

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There are some major benefits to using a small generator. The best reason to use one is portability. A small generator can be moved easily by one person because it is light and may even come equipped with handles to carry it.

Large generators are best when you need a lot of power. While they are difficult to move, they can run much longer than a small generator. For these generators, you can often find models with wheels to move them around.

Medium generators are a good balance between a small or large generator. They are still fairly portable, but they last longer than a small generator.

Those are some pros and cons of the different sizes of generators. To learn more about this topic click the linked video.