Understanding Plumbing Repairs

An important keystone to any home, pipes and plumbing are often something homeowners remain blissfully unaware of until an issue arises. When owning a home, understanding plumbing repairs can help you avoid the high costs of bringing someone in when something goes wrong.

For example, when installing pipes it is important that one is prepared for the pressure of the water that will be running through them on a daily basis. One trick to help alleviate this pressure is to install arresters to hold the pipes in place near any valves that can be rapidly opened or closed.

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Another very common mistake is the failure to replace flexible hoses after they have become too worn for use. When damage is perceived on the hose, it is important to replace it at the earliest convenience. These hoses will not last forever and should be monitored.

Exterior hydrants or spouts should also be monitored, especially during the winter months. If left on, the water inside these pipes can expand and contract each time the temperature drops below freezing, leading to severe damage to the pipes. Be sure to install a shut-off value for these to prevent this from happening.

For further information about plumbing repairs, be sure to review the attached video.