How to Choose a Flat Roof Replacement

There are several different materials you can use for a flat roof replacement. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of some of these materials.

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer is a popular choice for commercial properties. The color of the material is black.

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While it will absorb more heat, it will also hide imperfections or damage due to its dark color. If the roof is in a place where it will be seen frequently EPDT is an attractive option.

Polyvinyl chloride is a more popular choice if you want a white material. The lighter color means that the PVC won't increase the temperature of the building. Since it is white stains and imperfections are move visible, so this is better for a roof that is not visible. You can expect to get about 25 years out of a PVC roof.

The highest quality option is a standing seam metal roof. This type of roof will last at least 30 years, and under ideal conditions can last up to 50 years. Standing seam metal roofs are also the most attractive option and look great on many building types.

For more information on roof types you can view the linked video.