What to Know About Trailer Tires

You may think that trailer tires are simple items, but there are some key things to know to get the best performance out of them. Here are some tips on how to choose and maintain your trailer tires.

First you should make sure the tire is appropriate for your trailer and usage. Trailer tires have a speed rating, and should not be used if it needs to go faster than that speed.

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You should also confirm that the tire is the correct size for your trailer.

Something that has a massive effect on tire quality is how you store your trailer and tires. You should always store your trailer and tires in a flat and dry environment. If you store them somewhere that has a lot of uneven dirt and grass the tires will not only degrade, but they may degrade unevenly which makes them unsafe to use. You will get much more use out of your tires by storing them properly.

Be sure to confirm the features of the tire. The materials used can cause the tire to last much longer if they are of higher quality. If the trailer is going to be used on terrains like dirt roads or mud you should also make sure they have well-designed tread.

For more facts on trailer tires see the linked video.