Tips on Splitting and Stacking Firewood

Split and stack firewood the right way to get and store the fuel you need.

Splitting and Stacking Firewood Logs

Learn a few tips to properly split and store firewood.

Look for existing cracks on the log and aim to strike here. Hitting weak points will require you to use less effort.

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Try not to strike knots, which are much more difficult to cut through.

Trim logs to get the ends as flat as possible. Logs with flat ends are much easier to stand up and split.

Swing straight while you're using the axe. Keep both hands on the handle and stand as far away from the log as possible. Keep your arms straight while you swing.

Stack firewood in an area that is level and dry. If water pools around the wood, the wood will be damaged. You must also keep wood out of the rain. Stack it in a covered area or cover it.

Firewood should be packed tightly, as the wood will shrink and expand over the year due to changes in temperature.

Elevate your firewood, placing it on a base of two-by-fours in order to allow airflow to circulate around the logs and prevent moisture.