Tips on Finding an Auto Repair Shop

Finding a great auto repair shop is vital to maintaining and extending the life of your car. Here are some tips on finding a local repair shop that meets your expectations.

Reading reviews for a repair shop can help narrow down your options. Any decent shop should have online reviews.

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You can even see if anyone that has written a review has the same car as you. Even more valuable is a recommendation from a friend or family member. If they recommend a repair shop you can ask them questions about the shop's work.

When you contact the shop you should have a list of your needs written down. The shop can confirm that they can do everything you are looking for in a shop. This will also help you gauge the shop's customer service skills. If the person you speak to seems trustworthy they will probably be a better fit.

You should make sure that the business is properly insured and certified.

Another good sign of a good repair shop is if the shop is clean. It is always easier to work in a clean environment.

For more details on how to find an auto repair shop see the linked video.