How to Make a Custom Hat

Cowboy hats are an extremely personal and great way to show your unique sense of fashion. Getting a custom hat allows you to take that personalization even further and get a better fit. In this article, we will cover the process of getting a custom hat.

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The first step is to pick and overall look for the cowboy hat. This includes the material and the color. Some common materials include beaver and rabbit. Some common colors for cowboy hats are brown, black, and white.

To get the sizing the hat company uses a special tool to measure your head. This tool is placed onto your head and then adjusted until it fits. With these measurements, the hat company can make a pattern for your exact head size.

Once the hat is made the company will put on the finishing touches. An important part of the process is sanding the hat. Sanding the hat gives it a unique texture.

The final detail is the band that goes around the hat. You can either pick a color that blends in with the hat or a contrasting color. Using a contrasting color gives the hat a bold and unique look.

For more tips on getting a custom hat see the linked video.