Catering: Understanding Where to Start

Event catering is no simple task. Going to a project without the proper plan can cause an event to crash and burn before it even has a chance to start. Understanding what actions must be taken in order to prepare for the event is a crucial element in its success.

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Having the basic information for the event is the very first step. Making sure it is known how many people are expected to be in attendance, knowing the layout of the space being worked in, as well as understanding what the event is for. The more information gathered, the easier it will be to plan for what is being asked.

Another important element is professionalism. Being on time, being prepared, and arriving with a respectful attitude go a long way in showing the client how dedicated you are to the event and their service.

One of the biggest things stressed in the video is the "Hurry up and Wait" policy. This refers to planning one's time out appropriately. It is important to have the day planned out and the proper actions need to be taken sooner, rather than later. Things can and will change, however, the more that is done prior to things going wrong, the easier it becomes to address the issue.

For additional information, please review the video.