Inground Pool Installation: Where to Begin

With the growing ease of equipment rental, it has become easier to take the steps to create one's own inground pool. There are still many things that need to be done before anyone can take the dive in.

After the initial breaking of ground, it is important to finalize the layout for what is being dug. Understanding which sections need to be dug out, and at what depths, makes the process easier to plan around.

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After this is done, begin excavating the area. Once the sides are at an acceptable depth, it is important to add walls on the sides. This keeps dirt from slipping back into the areas that were dug out, in addition to giving one visualization for the outline of the final product.

After the walls are in place, add a layer of concrete to the outside and add some bars to further hold the walls in place. This prevents them from expanding, so their original positions can remain.

Next, a layer of concrete needs to be added to the bottom. This helps to give the pool shape, as well as preventing anything living underneath the pool from being able to destroy the shape. The liner can be added after this point.

For additional information, please review the attached video.