What to Look Out for With Patio Contractors

On the YouTube channel Premier Outdoor Living, they discuss mistakes to avoid in building an outdoor deck for amateurs and patio contractors. The video is titled "How Not to Build A Deck-Ultimate Guide on Every Mistake You Can Make." This contractor takes the viewer through the mistakes made on a deck that they are tearing down and replacing.

Video Source

The rails on the deck are not secure because they did not place carriage bolts put through the rails completely. These rails are wobbly and ready to fall. The floorboards of the deck used butt joints that left large gaps and the wood rotting. Leaves and debris are gathering on the surface of the floor.

The lattice panels on the foundations are a material that is rotting out and not a good material to use. In the video, the contractor puts his foot through the lattice panels. They show the foundation under the deck, and it is unstable. Its wood is rotting, and the stone pillars are ready to fall.

This deck was built by amateurs or workers that did everything wrong. It would never pass an inspection. Before hiring a patio contractor, see this video to learn what to look for in a good contractor. Make sure they have been in business for several years and contact their customers before hiring them.