A Day of a Dentist

Something that some American and almost all children fear, a trip to the dentist is vital to keeping one's mouth healthy and clean. A failure to address raising plaque or cavities in the mouth can lead to issues snowballing into larger problems. If not tackled, it can lead to the removal of teeth or worse.

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Tartar, another word for mineralized and hardened plaque, can build up along the teeth. The less frequently a patient is brushing or visits their dentist for their routine cleanups, the more tartar can build up. A severe build-up along multiple teeth of tartar is called a calculus bridge. It is almost rock-like and requires a dental professional to fully remove.

Ultrasonic vibrations can be an effective tool in getting through a calculus bridge. When done by a professional, it is a safe and efficient process that can remove anything traditional brushing is not strong enough to handle. After the ultrasonic scaler is used, traditional scalers are used fully scrap away any additional plaque that remains.

The main cause of this build-up is improper home care. The more a patient works to keep their teeth cleaned, the less strenuous their dentist visit become. There is a reason most visits end with patients receiving a toothbrush and some dental sticks.

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