How to Choose an Inground Pool Type

You may think all inground pools are the same, but there are some key factors to consider when designing one and installing it in your yard. Here are some decisions you should make before you get an inground pool.

The first thing to confirm is that it is even possible to install a pool in your yard. A pool requires a lot of space.

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Take measurements and determine the maximum size possible.

From here you can start to think about your budget. With a budget in mind, you will be able to make other decisions about the pool based on your budget. Some features are more expensive than others.

The material is probably the most important factor that affects the cost of the pool. Some common materials used in pool construction are vinyl, cement, plaster, marble, and tile.

Believe it or not the shape of the pool is also very important. The most economical option is a square or rectangular pool. Straight lines are much easier to build. Curved pool shapes and custom shapes require much more planning and work but could be a better fit for your design style.

For more tips on designing your pool see the linked video.