What to Expect in a Tree Removal Contract

Tree removal is a delicate procedure. For this reason, it is important to have a contract so both you and the tree removal company know what to expect from each other. Here are some things you should confirm before the job begins.

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The most essential part of the contract is a detailed list of the work the company is going to do for you. This includes the location, the number of trees, and any additional services like stump grinding.

The contract should also cover any information on the responsibilities and liabilities of both you and the company. Here the company should give information on their insurance in case anything goes wrong.

Another thing to include is the performance window. Often for services like tree removal, the contract will list a range of possible dates instead of one specific date. This is especially true for bigger jobs that take multiple days.

The last main thing to include is the pricing. This pricing will include any costs you have already discussed with the business. The costs should also include the prices of services that are not confirmed yet that may be added later.

These are a few tips on what to include in a tree removal contract. For more information see the linked video.