Tips on Kitchen Countertops

The number of options for kitchen countertops can be overwhelming. Different types of countertops can have different benefits. Here are some tips on how to choose the best type of countertop for your home.

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Marble is a beautiful material for a countertop. It is more expensive but gives a distinct look that can't be replicated by other materials.

A more affordable option is solid surfacing which is made of acrylic. This is a durable material designed to stand up to intense wear and tear. Solid surfacing is also resistant to heat and moisture.

A less conventional material for countertops is wood. Wood is available in many different price ranges that can fit any budget. You will get the most use out of a wood countertop if you reseal it every year or two.

A material that is good balance is granite. Granite is both durable and non-porous. The durability of this material means it is resistant to stains and mold which is important in any kitchen. Granite is also affordable and therefore a great option if you have a tight budget. Despite its affordability granite comes in many colors for any style of kitchen.

For more countertop options see the linked video.