Basic Steps for Door Replacements

It's out with the old and in with the new! Whether it be for cosmetic purposes or replacing an aging door, we're gonna make a rundown of the basic steps of door replacements.

It would be beneficial to measure the exact dimensions of your old door. Once you've done so, it's time to remove your current front door.

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Once that is done, it's time to clean and clear out the crevices of the estimated new opening for the new door installation.

The following steps for door replacements are simplified, but it's vital to know the general direction of this process. Next, a sawed PVC sill plate should be placed on the base of the front door's rough opening, so that water is prevented from making its way under the door. Flashing should be installed around this same opening, where you will then dry fit the new front door. Caulk sealant should be applied to the sill plate and brick mould.

Moving onto the last steps, you may place your new front door within the set opening and rough framing. Spray foam insulation will be necessary for the gap between the door and the framing. Now, caulk around the brick mould and replace the door casing on the inside of your home, and you're nearly there!

Of course, installing a door handle for your new door is more than necessary. Now, you can paint and decorate your new door!