Simple Gutter Installation

One of the biggest enemies of any home is water. A little bit can lead to larger damages, especially if not addressed immediately. Gutter installation is important for any home, as a gutter correctly put in can help anyone avoid leaks or damage to the home.

When installing a gutter, be sure you have the right material for the job. Aluminum gutters are the most recommended as they will not rust, they are decent in cost, and their low weight doesn't cause too much of a strain on the existing framework.

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To begin the project, put a reference line on the home. Getting the right measurements allows the installer to be able to measure the correct amount of gutters needed to cover the home. Too little leaves gaps that water will run down in, and too much can lead to the sides not aligning with one another.

When positioning the gutter, it is important to know which side you would like the water to run to. Having this side be lower than the other will lead the water toward the desired location.

After one has measured and cut the gutter to the desired length, use pliers to seal the ends. If any opens are left, water will seep through.

For additional information, please review the attached video.