Cool Designs For Your Kitchen Remodel

Interior kitchen designs have a number of trends and popular aesthetics. Some trends have become timeless, such as the all-white kitchens showcasing marble and quartz elements. Though, there's a world of design choices and interior ideas that are available to you. If you're in the midst of a kitchen remodel, it's worth it to explore some new visual ideas for your new kitchen space.

Traditional cabinet doors are classic features of most kitchen designs. Though, if you're looking to shake this formula up, consider the possibilities of slab cabinets.

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They have a clean, sharp presentation and are actually quite easy to clean. The minimal, flat panels of lab cabinets also offer the opportunity for constant re-design.

A major component of interior design is the use of color. Don't be afraid to experiment with flashier and bolder colors. Color blocking, color splashes, and even color patterns can be incorporated onto your cabinets and with backsplashes (which are actually quite cost-effective). Coordinating new color choices with materials like granite, metallics, and woods could be an enjoyable exercise of creativity.

You can completely transform your idea of a dream kitchen when you're in the remodeling process. Kitchen remodels don't need to be drab or stressful, they're a clean slate for new interior design ideas.