Pool Cover Types

Having a pool is great, as long as you're using it. When it comes time to shut down and cover the pool, it can be a hassle dealing with the pool cover. Which pool cover types will work best for you?

Different Pool Cover Types

Which type of pool cover do you need? Get a look at the different types of covers to find the right one for you.

Mesh. Water and moisture actually go through the mesh pool cover but it filters out debris.

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You will save on water costs with a mesh cover.

Solid. A classic choice, the solid cover is usually made with vinyl and crates a barrier over the pool to keep everything out of the water. Moisture and snow can collect on this cover, however, and this can damage the pool if it is not removed.

Hybrid. A hybrid cover does a little bit of both, functioning like a mesh cover and a solid cover at the same time.

Choosing a Pool Cover

Choose the right pool cover based on your needs based on the different pool cover types available.