Masonry Tip and Ticks for Homeowners

Bricks are used to provide walls, fireplaces, and chimneys with durability. Mortar is used to fill the joints of this type of masonry, but it can deteriorate over time even if the bricks remain in good shape. For this, tuckpointing is used to repair the deteriorated mortar, as can be seen in this video.

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Tuckpointing involves the removal of part of the deteriorated mortar, after which the joints are filled with new mortar. Once that is done, a line of putty is applied down the center of the joint, but this can be optional.

There are several ways to remove the old mortar for replacement, and as seen in the video, all of them are effective. The video also shows ways of filling in the new mortar, and the method determines how easy the task will be and how long it will take.

Appropriate safety equipment should be worn when necessary to prevent accidents and avoid injuries.

Masonry is about more than brick or stonework, it's the art of fabricating and building with different materials. Knowing masonry tips and tricks can help homeowners not only keep their homes in good shape but ensure they look beautiful as well.