How You Can Stop Foreclosure at the Last Minute and Save Your Property

It's scary and sad to think you might lose your home to foreclosure. Aside from the short-term necessity for a place to live, it can hurt your finances in the long run. But you can't let fear stop you from doing something about your situation. It would help if you took action. The good news is there are ways to protect yourself and your home.

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Talk to your lender as soon as you think you might be in trouble. Lenders would rather have a customer who pays back the loan than an empty house. The foreclosure process can be slowed down or stopped by filing for bankruptcy, but you should first talk to your lender. You might be able to devise a plan that works for both of you.

But if you've tried all these and failed, you could ask a friend or a private lender for a hard money loan. If your lender thinks you are a high-risk borrower, they may not let you refinance your loan. To stop foreclosure, you can talk to a private lender about refinancing with a hard money loan. Most of the time, the interest rates and fees on these loans are very high, but one could buy you the time to stop foreclosure.