How to Choose a Catering Company

A catering company can be useful for a number of different event types, from weddings to corporate events. In this article, we will review some things that you should confirm to find and book a catering company.

It is ideal if the catering company is in your town or city. If they are providing the ingredients it is important that they can transport all of the food before it goes bad.

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Local catering companies may also partner with local venues which may give you a discount if you book both of them at the same time.

If you are looking for a specific style of cuisine you should confirm that the company can provide it. Some companies only cook one type of food, like Italian cuisine or barbeque.

Another thing you should ask about is the additional services provided by the company. Some caterers not only make and serve the food, but also provide silverware and napkins, employ bartenders, or set up your centerpieces. It is important to confirm this because if they don't provide any of these services you will need to find a second vendor.

These are a few tips on choosing a caterer. For more advice, see the linked video.