The Importance of Wedding Flowers

On the most important days of western culture, you will find flowers present. Weddings, especially, have flowers everywhere. Wedding flowers are more than just culturally significant, however.

Flowers symbolize beauty. At a funeral, flowers are a symbol of the beautiful life the deceased had, and they recognize that their life was temporary but loved.

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At a wedding, flowers symbolize the life the two people will be sharing, and how beautiful that shared life will become. The blossoms are delicate and brightly colored, symbolizing that their love will take work in order to properly thrive.

Color is symbolic, too. The color of a flower can mean something general, like red being for romance, and red roses most of all. White lilies are traditional at funerals, while white roses are a symbol of new beginnings when held by a bride. The flower species also has its own meaning on top of the color. Roses are traditionally used for love, while irises symbolize power. Knowing what type of flower is in your bouquet will entirely change the meaning of your wedding, so choose wisely.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to choose the perfect flowers for your bouquet to round out your special day.