Carpet Cleaning for Beginners

For many homeowners, carpet cleaning can seem like a daunting task. It can be difficult to address if unaware of where to begin, and a simple mistake could cause irreversible damage.

To begin, always vacuum the carpet first, This handles anything that may hinder the cleaning process, such as dirt, debris, or food that could have been sitting in there before the home was purchased.

Next is choosing the proper cleaning solution. Certain fabrics require specific cleaning agents.

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Using the wrong one can damage the carpet or even the floor underneath. Be sure to read reviews and recommendations from home cleaning experts before making a purchase.

The mixing of agents is another thing homeowners should prepare for. It is easiest when done in a pump-up sprayer, which also gives the homeowner the easiest way to disrupt the cleaning agents across the carpet.

After the cleaning agents have been spread, be sure to review how to use the carpet cleaner properly. The slight variations between the different brands could have a dramatic effect on the results you are attempting to receive.

Finally, be sure something is present to help dry the carpet quickly. The longer it remains when the increase the risk of mold or bacteria forming.

Be sure to review the attached video for additional advice.