Emergency Repair Leak

Leaky appliances are frustrating, inconvenient, and maybe a bit stressful too. When an emergency repair is in need, specifically for leaks, there are some key things to keep in mind. Homeowners following these tips can make a temporary fix on their own before needing to call for permanent repair by a professional.

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Compression tape and gasket kits will be notable purchases that every homeowner needs to make in case of a leaky appliance. The gasket kit comes with three squares of gasket, and make sure you have a hose clamp that is around the same size as the pipe you are repairing. Placing a rubber gasket over a pipe leak, attaching the hose clamp, then tightening the clamp will provide a temporary solution to a pipe leak.

Now onto compression tape. 8 inches of silicon compression tape will help bind the source of leakage after you turn off the water supply. It only takes a firm press and tight wrap to close off the pipe hole. Another layer of tape will need to be wrapped for absolute protection.

While these are temporary fixes, it'll save you lots of money ahead of time when you hire a repair service to permanently solve your issue.