Bathroom Remodeling Tool Tips

Bathroom remodeling may seem complicated, but there are plenty of tips and guides from professionals to help you out. There are numerous parts of bathroom remodeling, but these tips can set you up for a successful remodel.

Phases of bathroom remodeling involve removing your tile flooring, installing new tiles or boards, installing new lights, installing a new toilet, tiling the walls, and building a new shower niche. If these phases are all present on your remodeling checklist, then you're on the right track.

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When it comes to removing and installing new tiles, tools such as a prybar and circular saw will need to be equipped. Tiling involves cutting through thick layers of grout with the saw and removing old tile with a prybar. Adding new tiles to your bathroom floors and walls will call for applying a waterproofing membrane to your baseboard to prevent leaks from penetrating the drywall.

Installing custom toilet and bathroom parts will require a nail gun, a drill to cut through tile, a toilet flange, and a foam gasket. Installation of a custom shower niche will require a nail gun, an oscillating tool, sealant, and a utility knife to cut out the specific area that the niche will occupy.