Commercial Builders: What to Know

Like any other profession, the is a lot that goes into the life of commercial builders. There are important distinctions between commercial builders and residential builders that must be understood. Understanding these differences can get people the right builders for the job at hand.

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The safety of the two professions differs vastly, due to the average scale of the construction. Commercial builders can be working on top of buildings that go over multiple stores, whereas the average residential builder mainly has to worry about 3 stories or less.

There is also a greater sense of the need of working with others. Commercial builders need to be able to work in a team because the scope of the jobs they are a part of is too big for a mere person or two to handle. Being able to work with others well helps commercial builders get their tasks done more quickly and efficiently.

While both require precision, commercial builders need to be precise with hand tools as well as large equipment, such as lifts and cranes. A single piece out of place can have a massive impact on the end result of the structure.

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