Understanding Commercial Paving

Like many other commercial projects, paving is something that should be thoroughly planned out before beginning. there are many factors that can cause a paving job to go wrong, so knowing where to begin is vital.

Most commercial paving begins with a tailgate meeting with the crew. These meetings ensure everyone involved with the projects knows what their task is for the day and what must be done before starting.

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One of these tasks is to double-check the machine is functioning properly. This means ensuring the screed is heating up properly, there is the correct distance between the machine and the ground, and the machine is pouring the asphalt level on the ground.

Another thing that must be confirmed is the direction the machine will work in. The paving should follow a pre-determined path to guarantee the job is being done correctly. Certain areas, such as corners, should be done with hand tools to ensure precise and even work.

Finally, as the machine begins to lay the asphalt, check to make sure the correct thickness is being laid. If a part is too high or too low, the paving will fail to be even.

For additional information about commercial paving, please review the attached video.