What to Expect From a Landscaper

Your yard can be a private oasis if it is designed correctly. If your lawn needs a refresh, here is what you can expect if you hire a landscaper.

Before you make a plan, think about what you want from your yard space. Do you want to host parties? Would you prefer something private with a lot of plants? Gather inspiring pictures online and maybe even draw some ideas for the landscaper.

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Modern homes look better with clean landscaping. If you have an older home something more traditional will look lovely.

A proper landscaping company can advise on the best plants for your region and your specific yard. Some plants and grasses can't grow in climates that are too hot or cold. If you want a lot of shade you will want to add trees to your yard.

Landscapers can also assist in designing and installing pathways and patios. Since they are already designing the rest of the yard they can suggest pavers and stones that match the rest of the design. It's easier to work with just a few key colors instead of an overwhelming color scheme.

For more tips on working with a landscaper, see the linked video.