Tips for Installing a French Drain

A french drain lets water naturally flow from your yard. Believe it or not, installing french drains is actually a task you can conduct by yourself and complete in just a few days! Begin by double-checking that you have the appropriate tools and materials needed for the job. Have a corrugated drain pipe, spray paint, stakes or flags, landscape fabric, gravel, pipe fittings, inlet grate, and topsoil handy.

Planning the location of your drains is your first step. Find where excess water is pooling and decide where you would actually like this flow to end up.

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Check that your issue does not have to do with a pipe that needs repair. French drains require deep enough trenches; 18 inches deep and 9-12 inches wide. Be wary of utility lines and pipes running through the trench area.

Once the trench is lined with landscape fabric, filled with gravel, and supplied with an inlet grate, you are free to set the drain. Add your topsoil to cover the trench and you're golden! Check your grate regularly to make sure debris isn't clogging the area and disrupting the drain. Hopefully, you are equipped with the knowledge and the right steps to install your desired drain.